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Our Story

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My name is Jeremy Huff, as a child I loved playing outside in the mud and dirt and over the last 20+ years I have built a thriving business around that passion.  Growing up, my father owned a Tree Company; I worked alongside him starting at a young age, by the time I was 16 years old I was running my father’s work crew leaving me responsible for men twice my age. That is when I knew I wanted to be a business owner, and this was only the beginning.  One of the many things I learned while working for my dad was, he always believed in serving the customer and working hard to serve people. This mindset remained implanted in my head as an adult.  I worked for a large company where customers became numbers and the goal was to always profit by giving preference to large accounts over small ones. I didn’t think that was right and for that very same reason I started From the Ground Up Tree and Landscaping in 2012. I was out to make a difference. In 2016 we opened From the Ground Up Greenhouse in Lexington. 

Even though we had the name "Tree and Landscaping", we still completed excavating work. We filled in one of the large holes at the old General Motors plant in Ontario, reclaimed Garber Materials at their office where they sold gravel and also worked on Kochheiser road where they were mining.  Since then we have repaired and dug numerous ponds. I found my passion in 2016 and knew my end goal was excavating.  Although tree and landscaping had brought me this far, I decided to go full swing in excavating in 2021. Although we have a new name and a new look, the customer service will never change! Here at Jeremy Huff Excavation, we take pride in being the family you trust to take on your next large or small outdoor project. We look forward to your call!

Whatever the job is, we can help you with your next project. Because of our years of experience in the field and a little know-how, we can assure that we can get the job done right and for the right price.

We work in various locations around the Central Ohio area, including Ashland, Mansfield, Lexington, Mount Vernon and Sunbury. Wherever you are, we can help you with all things excavation.

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