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Customer Reviews

"I would highly recommend Jeremy Huff Excavating for any excavating project regardless of scope."

Matt Garber

"Jeremy Huff recently did a major gravel pit restoration on our family farm.  Not only did he do a great job excavating, but he consistently worked to make sure my interests were protected.  He was a man of his word.  I would definitely recommend him to others."  

Ray Kochheiser

"We had a pond on the course that was very shallow from silt runoff from an adjacent field. In fact, it was much smaller than intended because during construction they were unable to enlarge it.  We had another excavation company in and they tried but were unable to get much depth back. We called Jeremy and he came out and said he thought he could do it. He was able to not only get us the depth we needed but also to enlarge the pond. It makes a huge difference in the appearance of the hole. I highly recommend Jeremy. He delivered on his promises". 


Keith Wright, Deer Ridge Golf Course 

Ric Beck, Johnsville, Ohio

"Looking out over our repaired pond, and admiring the great work Jeremy and his crew did to fix and enlarge our pond!"

"Dedicated, honest, trustworthy, Jeremy Huff stands behind his work!"

Steve Edwards

"Tom and I are very pleased with the work done on the driveway apron and the new sidewalk near our house. We believe the workmanship and work ethics of your crew are commendable and would highly recommend your company to anyone needing your service."

MaryAnn White

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